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Build Your THRASS Knowledge

THRASS words (Vowels)

This video introduces children to the 60 words located on the vowel side of the THRASS chart. It is important for children to know every word and their meaning so children can build their fluency and be able to navigate the chart confidently. It is vital that children understand the meaning of each word, please note you may need to read books, discuss and show your child some images to ensure that they understand the meaning and use of a tool such as a ‘saw’ and an example of a ‘fossil’ such as bones, shells and microbes. This is a great exercise to build your child’s oral language skills and vocabulary.

Parent Note:

Please note sheets 1- 3 are the images and words found on the consonant side of the THRASS chart. Sheets 4-6 are the images and words found on the vowel side.

The coloured THRASS word picture tiles can be used to play games, build memory and sequence. These games can be used at any time to build their THRASS knowledge and confidence in reading the words as they have the picture cues to support them whilst reading. 

The black and white THRASS picture tiles are a great resource to assist your child with reading and colouring, which builds their fine motor skills.


There are 120 words located on the THRASS chart, it is important that you separate the consonants and vowels, so the children are not overwhelmed to begin with. A great suggestion is separating and labelling them into two different zip lock bags.

THRASS Words (Vowels)

THRASS Words (Vowels)

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