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Meet the Team

Our passion is to give children the right tools for success.

Our Journey

We met at university whilst studying Primary school teaching. We went onto working together at two different schools and had the opportunity to team teach in a classroom. This is where our dream was first born, as we shared the same teaching philosophy and practises. After becoming mothers, we realised the need for a pre-educational program to meet the individual needs of children. 

Over the years whilst working with our students at LIVA Learning we have seen a demand in speech assistance/services; therefore we are in the process of completing our Masters in Speech Pathology, as we want to provide the best teaching practises for our students. We hope to incorporate this into our program in the near future.


The importance of strong oral language is vital, as it is the foundation of literacy and academic success. A solid foundation of oral language helps children become successful readers, strong communicators, as well as increasing their confidence and overall sense of well being.

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Hello my name is Eva Rivelli.  I have been teaching since 2005 and I am a qualified primary school teacher. Also, I have completed a THRASS Foundation and Mastery Lead Level Course and I am currently furthering my studies in Masters of Speech Pathology. 


I have taught Prep for multiple consecutive years, which enabled me to gain a solid understanding of how children think and learn. I am very passionate and confident about teaching the early years, especially Prep. 


As a mother of three daughters who are all different, I have been able to cater for them through LIVA Learning which has stimulated their love of learning. This has carried on through their school years due to their strong foundation. 

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Hi my name is Lisa Fisicchia, I am a qualified primary school teacher and have been teaching since  2005. I have also completed my THRASS foundation, Mastery and Lead Level Course. I love learning and have continued to further my education in completing my Masters in Speech Pathology. As well as having a passion for education, I have many years of experience in dance; teaching in dance schools, directing and choreographing school productions.


I have three children who have all participated in our LIVA Learning school readiness program. As a mother this has been a rewarding experience knowing that my children started school confidently, happy and prepared. 

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LIVA Learning

ABN: 21 606 823 910

Lisa 0403 613 588 or Eva 0422 630 229

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