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Our Program

Our students participate in circle time where they are encouraged to reflect on their learning and attitudes. We explore a growth mindset and implement resilience building skills, encouraging our students to attempt unknown tasks with a positive mindset. 


LIVA Learning introduces children to the 26 lower and capital letters of the alphabet and the 44 phonemes, using a well researched teacher tool called THRASS (Teaching handwriting, reading and spelling skills).

THRASS focuses on:


 Using the correct terminology from the beginning - letter names,  lower-case, capital, phoneme, grapheme, graph, digraph, trigraph, quadgraph, diphone.

  • Handwriting skills - The correct formation of lower-case and capital letters.

  • An awareness of the 44 phonemes (speech sounds) of spoken English.

  • An awareness of graphs, digraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs (spelling choices).

  • An awareness of consonant and vowels. 

  • Exposure to the beginning, middle and end of words.

THRASS teaches the phonographic and orthography of English. We ensure it is fun, interactive and linguistically correct. Our teaching practices are explicit and aim to engage and educate our students, making them independent and analytical learners. THRASS helps children to gain a deeper understanding for future learning. 

Focus Areas​

  • Alphabet knowledge of lower case and capital letters

  • Correct letter formation

  • Name writing and recognition

  • Recognising the 44 phones of our English language

  • Identifying graphs, digraphs and trigraphs

  • Consonants and vowel awareness

  • Correct articulation

  • Decoding and reading High frequency words

  • Oral Language

  • Exposure to books, predicting and comprehension

  • Using the correct pencil grip when writing


LIVA Learning encourages a love for mathematics  at an early age. We explore mathematical concepts using hands on activities, music, rhymes and concrete materials. Children are taught the correct formation of numbers, subitising and the representation of numbers.

Focus Area​s

  • Counting 1-100

  • Recording numbers 1-20

  • Friends of 10

  • Number recognition

  • Number lines

  • Double to 10

  • Basic 2D Shapes

  • Sequencing number, seasons, days of the week

  • Problem solving skills

  • Critical thinking

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