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  • Can I download the videos?
    Due to copyright and privacy issues, videos cannot be downloaded and have to be streamed through our site using your username and password. Only one device can be used to view the Modules.
  • Do I have to purchase both Modules?
    No, however we recommend purchasing both Modules as once your child has a good understanding of the phonemes, they can begin reading simple high frequency words.
  • How ofter should I view the videos?
    The videos are designed to be viewed daily or weekly depending on your child's interest and attention span. We highly recommend you always begin with the LIVA Learning Literacy song and structure your sessions so your child develops a routine and an expectation. Children thrive on structure, repition and routine.
  • What happens when my 10 weeks or 20 weeks access ends?
    You will no longer have access to our videos and Online Modules. You may wish to purchase another Module from our website. 10 - 20 weeks is more than ample time for you to watch the videos multiple times.
  • Can I watch the videos more than once?
    Yes, our videos are designed to be watched multiple times to build your child's knowledge and confidence, as repetition is paramount.
  • If I am not satisfied with the online Modules, will I be entitled to a refund?"
    No, once you have agreed to purchase the online Modules, you need to honour your purchase. No refunds will be given. Full refund including shipping cost will be given to any product/service with a major defect/fault.
  • Do I need to purchase any resources?
    We highly recommend you purchase a THRASS Chart, Overwrite THRASS Chart and the MASUTA Word Cards to support your child's learning. These resources are a great educational investment and can be used in the future during their school years. We have provided some FREE printable documents, however the LIVA Learning Work book is a great resource for your child to practise their numeracy and literacy skills.
  • What if I need some support working through the module?
    Our Module has been devised and set up for you to access the lessons in order. The lessons range from begginer ( exposure to the alphabet,) Intermediate (exposure to the 44 phonemes) and advanced (reading and writing high frequency words.) If you are having difficulty trying to navigate through the modules, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will happy to assist you. We also provide online live support zoom calls to see how you and your child are travelling and if there are any areas that you require assistance with.
  • I am a teacher, can I use this in my classroom?"
    Yes, these videos can be used in a classroom to support your students and teaching. The Modules can be used as a great warm up activity for your literacy or handwriting lesson.
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