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26 Capital Letters

This video demonstrates the correct formation of the 26 capital letters. We focus on the correct starting position and ask the children to verbally articulate the direction of the correct formation. In this video we encompass all three sensory learning styles; Auditory, Verbally and Kinaesthetically. This will assist the child to store it into their long-term memory and form letters correctly, automatically and fluently. 

With capital letters straight lines are easier for children to write then curved ones, so it is developmentally appropriate and easier for children to write in capital letters. From the beginning we encourage our students to write their names and most letters in lowercase letter to develop and strengthen their fine motor skills.



Please find below a link to a great resource which shows the correct starting position, it gives direction and can be written on multiple times. This will build fluency, automatic recall and will make the writing process much easier when they begin school. It is important to get your child to write on the overwrite chart regularly to improve their automaticity.

Alphabet Formation Instruction Sheet

26 Capital Letters

26 Capital Letters

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