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Lowercase a, d, g, q and the number 9

This video focuses on grouping the lower case letters a, d, g, q and the number 9, as they all share the same starting position.

This is a powerful video to demonstrate to children and parents that when they are taught correctly from the beginning, it reduces the reversal and confusion of letters.  It is extremely common for children to confuse the lower case ‘b’ and ‘d’, however when they understand the correct starting position i.e. the lowercase ‘d’ beginning like and lowercase ‘a’ it helps to eliminate reversals of letters.

The number 9 is a prime example, when children recognise the number 9 beginning in the same position as a lower case ’a’ it will assist them to write it correctly.

Letter Aa

Letter Dd

Letter Gg

Letter Qq

Number 9

Lowercase a, d, g, q and the number 9

Lowercase a, d, g, q and the number 9

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