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Letter Knowledge

26 Letters of Our Alphabet

It is important for children to recognise the 26 lower case and capital letters of our English alphabet in isolation. We use the correct terminology of ‘lower case’ and ‘capital letters’. We refer to them by letter names and not by sounds because letters ‘DO NOT MAKE SOUNDS UNTIL THEY JUMP INTO A WORD’. For example; The letter ‘c’ does not only make the ‘k’ sound like as in ‘cat’ and cape,’ it can also make the ‘s’ sound like as in ‘city and dancing’.  Music helps to develop language and reasoning.  Music is used to reinforce and assist in memorising. Songs can help imprint information on early learners. Again, this video caters for different learning styles including Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic for individual learners.

26 Letters of the Alphabet

26 Letters of the Alphabet

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