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Learning Interactive Valuable Achievable

At LIVA Learning we focus on giving children the right tools to become independent life long learners. Through valuable, interactive and achievable learning, your child will be encouraged to grow in confidence and become a successful long life learner.


Research shows that “Early Education shapes the basic architecture of the computer/brain." If your child is immersed in educational learning early enough, they will develop critical problem solving skills, which will assist them with future challenges that may occur in their lives. Also, research shows that children are at risk of falling behind if essential skills, such as speaking and listening, number and letter recognition, having a go, building confidence and being resilient are not quickly adopted within the first few years of school.


During a child's early years, their brain is most active, it can soak up information like a sponge, "if we teach our children early enough, it will affect the organisation of their brains," UCLA Biophysicist Michael Phelps. 


At LIVA Learning your child will be exposed to a solid foundation, which aims to encourage and assist them socially emotionally and academically.

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As passionate teachers our aim is to deliver quality and fun activities, preparing your child for success at school, helping to make them independent life long learners.

Encouraged to grow in confidence and become a successful learner

Children are exposed to an imaginary place where letters come to life.

The first years of school are very crucial as it sets the attitude towards the rest of a child's school life.

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